Local Search for the Lubbock Area

The web team at Imagineering Design, like other local web-marketing experts, has been teaching our clients that local-search is where they get customers. As we have been teaching for years, it is now very clear that local search is becoming more and more important to Lubbock business survival.

Google is now verifying these facts with May 2014 numbers. Google’s data suggests that of all purchases, those who research before they buy and then purchase locally make up more than 18% of a neighborhood or area business’s sales.

After Searching Google, what percentage of customers purchase locally?

Google’s data for shopping locally:              

Desktop Users                       34%
Smart phone Users              50%

searchWhere this information gets even more interesting for local businesses is when a desktop or smartphone user gets to your store, 18% will make same-day  purchases. This means a customer want’s their local businesses to have an accurate, information-filled website, so they can make informed buying decisions. The higher a business ranks in local search results on Google the more likely local searches will result in a customer visiting your store and making a purchase.

If a store ranks high in Google, they will also rank high in other search engine results. “Build it and they will come” may be a great movie slogan, but it has no value for local web search results. To get customers to visit your store you need web-advertising which is to say Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and copy that has been written with the keywords customers are using to search for your products.

Traditional Marketing tools:

  • We can tell by the size of the spring delivery of telephone books that they are no longer effective for advertising or marketing.
  • Newspaper subscriptions are falling off so badly that they have been cutting staff for a number of years and now use the homeless to sell the Saturday and Sunday papers on street corners. Some businesses are still getting customers using newspapers like the Thrifty-Nickel.
  • Radio is being replaced by streaming music, iPods and music recorded to smartphone’s.
  • Television is declining because of Tvo and recording devices that that allow fast forwarding through commercials and services that pre-scrub programs of their local advertising. The exception to the rule may be local programming, like news, weather and sports.

What is left for a local business? A website that is built with your local customers in mind. Websites that are built with local SEO are increasing as the primary means of informing customers and producing more revenue than they cost. It used to be that businesses could afford to spend money on brand recognition and even-though nothing came from it, just being recognized was enough when it came time for a customer to decide.  Now, most consumers want to know a business’s reputation and how previous customers have rated it on a variety of services before they walk in the door and look at the products for sale or as in the case of a service, make a phone call. What is required for a website to be effective?

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