When it comes to web design, the only thing that is constant is change. Imagineering Design‘s staff spend at least two days every month improving our web design skills, web site hosting skills and website protection skills.

Depositphotos 23601699 xsThe amount of time we spend on continuing education continues to increase. This is because of a variety of items in the national news, from the NSA to Target, the last three months have increased our educational need by at least fifty percent.

We have learned that many of the tools which other “normal” web designers have used to get their clients onto page one of Google have fallen into disfavor and so have their client’s websites. Google has added a number of features to their search algorithms which makes the way Imagineering Design, Inc. builts websites even more Google friendly. We have always relied upon honest-hard work, which brings good stable traffic to our clients and makes our clients fans of Imagineering Design.

Have you looked at your website lately, it may be time for a tuneup or even a complete redesign. If so, please give us an opportunity to put some good ole elbow grease into your website, especially since it is your best marketing tool and your face to the world.