Sitemaps for your website

A sitemap is like a road-map in that it provides the design, or roadmap that your website’s internal links provide. A sitemap gives the person browsing your website a view of all the links your website.

sitemapIf your website is laid out like your business then the site map provides your customers, or website visitors with an overview of your business.

Why use a sitemap? A sitemap is used to understand or visually display, in words, the navigation used on your website and the topics that your website has been built around. Everything that you want your customers to know about you and the services you provide should be easily identified in your sitemap.

What does a sitemap do for my site? A sitemap allows your visitors to see the organization of your website. Additionally Google uses your website’s sitemap as a reference point to verify that it, Google, can see everything your website provides.