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Probably the most common comments and questions we are asked is "I need a website, how much will it cost?" and "Can I have it up next week?". Most people don't realize what is involved in building a website, and why should they, that is not what they do best.

I can only answer the question about what is involved in building a website the way Imagineering Design builds websites. Other companies do different things.

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Imagineering Design, Inc., Lubbock's Web Design Company is rolling out our new website with lots more information including new services.

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When it comes to web design, the only thing that is constant is change. Imagineering Design‘s staff spend at least two days every month improving our web design skills, web site hosting skills and website protection skills.

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Keeping your website up-to-date is a mission critical task that should be reviewed monthly with a thorough examination at least once per quarter. Making sure all the information on your website is current is important!

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If you have had your website for a while, you may be wondering if or how you can make the normal changes to improve it yourself?

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Web design and development for customers is what Imagineering Design, Inc. does for you, our customer. We understand that it’s not in your best interest to learn to code a website. By meeting with you and learning about your company’s business and website goals, we can design a website that produces the outcome you desire for your business.

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