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Building your business online

Is it time to think about your website design? Are you losing business and not knowing why? Are you too busy to consider how to obtain your market share? Do you wish you knew more about the constantly changing and sometimes dangerous web? We will help you design your web site, email and hosting.

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Is a free website really free?

There are so many places that allow individuals to build websites at low or no cost. The question one must ask is "what does it cost to build a free website"? Even the simplest, easy to use, fully documented website building platform requires the most precious commodity. What is our most precious commodity? The answer is time and learning. If there is any doubt of this, just start a new business. There is never enough time.

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As a successful small business providing services to other business wanting to be successful, we have noticed that a number of business owners are too busy putting out fires to be concerned about their “real” business.

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Are you just starting a new business and need a website? Have you been given the task of updating your current website? Then you may have a lot of questions, including not knowing what questions to ask.

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In 2003, in order to provide our design clients the same great service they received from our graphic-design team, we added web design services and opened Imagineering Design, Inc. It wasn’t long until we began entering and winning web design contests.

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