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what we doThe Imagineers offer a full website design and maintenance package begining with your web design, and followed by maintence of the constantly changing code. This means our talented Imagineers are constantly following the latest web technologies to provide you with improved web designs which gives you a competitive edge.

These same highly talented Imagineers continually monitor the web for the newest technologies, design trends, and marketing developments to craft websites that give our customers a clear competitive advantage.


Developing an effective brand to be used consistently in all of your print and media products increases the value of your products or services; especially when you engage in a variety of marketing campaigns. Your service or product's brand recognition is able to leap across channels, amplifying the value of each marketing campaign. This improves your credibility which is fundamental to improved marketing effectiveness.

Consistent branding amplifies all of your marketing campaigns; improving your response in each of the channels you use. An effective brand will award your company with an easy to recognize critical edge in these increasingly aggressive channels and markets. Your effective brand creates instant product or service credibility.


Good, effective, clear, carefully tailored written materials that are designed to capture your audience’s imagination are invaluable. Your potential customers need to understand exactly what you can do, why it is important and how your product or service will benefit them. More importantly, they need to know how your product or service will improve their life or make it less complicated.

For some this may require completely fresh content. For others your current content may require a critical eye with careful rewriting and judicious editing. And for still others your current content may be perfect as it is.


Your Imagineers are Google Partners, which means we can create Google AdWord campaigns, or take over management of your current Google AdWord campaigns.

We will also provide you with access to Google's effective email accounts which can be set up to send email from your website's domain name. Google drive provides you with free software that performs the same work as Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office PowerPoint.


SEO (search engine optimization) is the writing or rewriting of website content to include the terms that are searched for when a potential customer is searching for information about your product or service. Having a good looking and aesthetically pleasing website design with solid content with a simple yet comprehensive navigation scheme is the foundation for your digital marketing campaigns and sign-up pages. However, without effective on-site and on-page SEO, it is unlikely that potential customers will ever find or visit your website, let alone contact you about buying your products or services. For most businesses constructing a high-quality website without engaging in SEO is a waste of money.


If you select the Social Media Management service; Imagineering Design will provide a branded Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other social media presence that matches the needs of your corporate marketing goals. The Imagineers will support you as you make use of each of the ever-changing Internet channels where your customers are searching for your products or services.

More importantly, your Imagineers think you should be able to administer all of your social media interactions from a single piece of software that will allow you to connect to your customers, respond to their feedback, and add fresh appropriate content to all of your social media platforms.


Video engages your future customers imagination and gives them an understanding of the value and meaning of your products and services. Video is particularly effective when the off-screen videographer provides the on-screen personality with the opportunity to introduce heartfelt, sincere, information-filled concepts, product reviews, and product introductions.

Video should never be produced by an insincere on-screen personality. This is because video highlights the personality of your business, allowing your business representative to interact with the interested viewer who is also a potential customer. Watching your videos enhances the personal connection your business creates with your potential customers. This means that a scripted video, with a specific outcome, gives your business the opportunity to connect to and become significant in the lives of your future customers, even before you have met them.


The Imagineers provide website management that includes:

  • Domain Name Purchasing
  • Domain Name Management
  • Specialized Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting

Imagineering design owns a domain reseller service, which makes it easy for us to service our customers domains and be certain they are always renewed on time. Some businesses can benefit from having a number of domain names showing the same website. This must be done with caution because of how search engines evaluate duplicate data.

Our secure ultra-fast servers allow us to provide our clients with email services and enough email addresses for the first 99 employees. If or when it is required, the Imagineers can remotely log into your computer and set up your domain's email services. Contact Imagineering Design today to discuss your domain name, server and email needs.


Your Imagineers also specialize in web-photography with specialized equipment that allows your onsite photographs to blend perfectly with the wishes of the Imagineering website designer's vision. High-quality web-friendly photography is very useful for beautiful website design and layout. Specialized photography is an advantage when the Imagineers are presenting your company's unique content to the world.