Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Keeping your website up-to-date is a mission critical task that should be reviewed monthly with a thorough examination at least once per quarter. Making sure all the information on your website is current is important!

Things to consider:

Personnel changes, new business tactics, new or discontinued products and business standards all change and your customers believe what you tell them on your website. If the information on your website is feeding your future customers bad information you will be held accountable and it will cost you time, money and customers.

Each time there is a  personnel change, your website needs to reflect this change. Customers often look at your website to find a picture or information on the person who they are discussing their solutions, services, or purchases. So not only is it wise to have a picture of each sales and customer service agent, it is also wise to keep your website sales and service personnel pictures current.

Have you added a new service that you want your customers to use? Equally important to consider is whether you have stopped providing or supporting certain products or services? Your customers are always asking questions like these. If they find their answers on your website they begin to develop trust in your website, in you and your staff and by extension—in your business. Trust is required before money is exchanged and the more money involved the more trust is required.