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How does one learn the importance of clients? Losing money is the normal way. Unfortunately, people who have been in business for a long time will confirm that it is trial and error mostly. Then something happens and they learn the importance of asking a client/customer what they are needing and how to help provide the product or service they need.

What is a good way to learn what a client wants? One of the easiest ways of learning what a client wants, is to pay attention to how you search for something similar to the product you sell. The problem most people find with using themselves as a model for their customers is that over 90% of the population thinks very differently from each of us. In order to create a good marketing campaign we must begin by asking questions. Examples follow:

Question: What do your customers do when they land on your website?
Answer: They are asking your website: “Where is what I’m looking for?” If they don’t see it within the first few seconds they are gone! Typically they look less than five seconds before they are gone. Is the length of search time on your website decreasing?

Question: How do you get your potential future customers to click or read?
Answer: A portion of your customer’s response depends on your web designer’s skills! Some of the factors that affect this process are in order of impact:

  • Graphics that are interesting and relevant to the subject
  • Layout that is easy to read and follow
  • Titles that are clear and allow them to skim to find the information they are looking for
  • Simplicity - the site is easy to navigate and logically organized so they can move from page to page without any confusion

Question: How do I turn a casual browser into a customer?
Answer: Your content is critical; are you a good writer, or are you going to hire a good writer? Optimizing your content and designing it to invite the actions you want your future customers to take requires a writer who understands marketing and a web designer who understands topical driven navigation.

Question: What is topical driven navigation?
Answer: Topical driven navigation is created from your content and it is directly connected to your customers search. This means your keywords need to be part of your website’s navigation. Topic Driven Navigation includes the following:

  • Clear page links
  • About page - according to Google, as many as 35% of new visitors first click is on either the About page or the Home page, therefore, make sure your Home and About pages are ready to create leads and are part of your sales funnel.

Question: What can you do if your website was not developed in an effective manner?
Answer: Fill out our Contact form and we will help you.