Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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After working with a number of great clients who were having difficulty with their Web Designers or Web Hosts; we as the owners of Imagineering Design, Inc.; made some decisions about how we run and administer our clients’ domain names.

Time after time, we have been asked to help people who had been misled by unscrupulous web design companies and telephone companies or advertising agencies. In each case, the company servicing our client purchased the client’s domain name to build their website. These innocent and trusting business owners were never given ownership of the property for which they were paying.

Getting ownership is a difficult process and can take as long as several weeks or months to get a domain’s ownership transferred from an uncooperative domain owner. To date, we have been successful in all attempts to adjust what seemed to us to be disrespectful business practices. When we are asked to purchase a domain name for a client, we follow best-practices and register the domain in the owners name.

Another issue is having someone in the office purchase the domain name and register it in their name. When they leave the company, sometimes on less than good terms, they walk out the door with ownership of the company domain and can do with it as they will.

We can't stress enough the importance of the business owner being the registered owner of their domain. Having someone else purchase it is not the issue, being the registered owner with the domain registrar is critical.