Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Imagineering Design Inc. has a number of web-names. This is done to help people find our award-winning website and services. In addition to http://ImagineeringDesign.com we can also be found on the web at http://LubbockWebDesigns.com. Regardless of how you find us, we provide for all of your website development and SEO needs.

For a small company or an individual who needs a simple business card website, we provide economical or as some might say “cheap” websites. Even our inexpensive websites are designed by an award-winning team. Just because your website costs less, does not mean that you get a lesser quality of service. We address your specific needs while staying within your budget. We give you the best advice, even before we build your low-priced one-page website.

For those individuals or companies for whom even a “cheap” website is more than their budget allows; we have payment plans. Our payment plans are individualized to meet your current circumstances and provide you with the best website for your budget. If need to, we can build a website in stages, based on your budget or your business.

You are probably aware of the constant attacks on websites and email. Because of this, all websites need to be maintained, which means keeping their code up-to-date. This process is part of our ongoing commitment to every customer. Additionally, we maintain 30 days of backup for every website. This is just in case your website is hacked and goes on noticed for up to 29 days; we can still fix and restore it. We believe our fail-safe system, which includes actively securing your website and maintaining backups, is the best solution for the constant threat posed by hackers.