Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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As you probably know by now, Imagineering Design really appreciates it when a person wants their website to be at the top of Google. Over the years, we discovered several tools that legitimately take a website to the first page of Google and can, with effort, keep a business’ website at the top of Google’s search results.

Most people have a problem with maintaining this continuous effort required to keep these search results. The effort that gets a business to the top of Google’s search is also required to keep the business at the top of Google in their chosen market.

What if your business is not local? What do you do if you have a statewide or a nationwide clientele? Does this required additional effort, or is it the same as a local market? The answer is the noxious, “It depends.”

It depends upon your business type, the size and location of the market that you want to be competitive, and the quality of the competition in your market. The really good thing is it does not depend upon the current size of your business. Google search results are about authority, not business size. For Google, creating authority means proving, on your website, that you know your business. It also means that other people think you know what you’re talking about.

Getting others to acknowledge your expertise and skill is the nature of authority for Google and will be displayed in search results. How do you get others to acknowledge you are an authority? Those who know you are an authority are your closest competition, and they are not likely to tell others about your skills.

Join discussion groups and follow blogs that focus on the services your business provides. When you are consistently able to help others accomplish their goals using your skills, the more Google will see you as an authority - almost.

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