Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Probably the most common comments and questions we are asked is "I need a website, how much will it cost?" and "Can I have it up next week?". Most people don't realize what is involved in building a website, and why should they, that is not what they do best.

I can only answer the question about what is involved in building a website the way Imagineering Design builds websites. Other companies do different things.

Get Acquainted

We start by meeting our future customer (there is no charge for the initial meeting). It is important that we get to know the individuals and learn about their business. Understanding why the client wants a website and what they want the website to do for them is crucial. Without that information, we are stumbling in the dark. Once we have established "why" the website, it is time to clarify what they like and what they don't. One of the best ways to do this is looking at the competitions websites. It becomes clear very quickly how they would like their site structured.

In my experience the most difficult part of the website is the content. Our customers know their business, know the information they want included however when it comes to moving all that knowledge from their heads onto paper so we can put it on the website, everything stalls. There are several ways to get around the roadblock.

  • Allow our customers to talk about the information they want included. We can take notes and record them while they discuss each area for the website.
  • We will interview them and/or their employees and get the information.
  • We can work with them to create an outline of the information they would like to include, research the topic and write content. When we do this, after we write the content, it is sent over to our customer to edit or change the way they would like.

Begin to design the website

Once we have established everything we need, we will provide a quote for the project, and as long as additional items are not added to the project, it will reflect the final cost. Because so many people have been burned by web developers that took their money and never finished the project, we present a total bill when the site is approved and ready to be published. We have been very blessed to work with such good people and this process has worked well for us and I believe our customers as well.

Upon approval of the quote we go to work designing the site, adding content and bringing the project to life. For some companies, we will go out and take pictures and video for their websites. All of the information is organized and put together to create the final product.

Unveiling to the customer

Once we have completed the site, we will meet once again to present the new website to our client. I find this so exciting ... seeing their faces when they first see their new website is so much fun! The excitement and delight is obvious (we even had one client cry when she saw her website because her dreams and imagination had come to reality!). Now that is pretty awesome!

We walk through the website with a critical eye as well, making note of any changes or additions the client would like to make.

Unveiling to the world

Once the customer approves the site, we make any changes required. Since the website was built with basic SEO, we will let all the web browsers know we are publishing a new website. We proof the site, test the links and make sure all the details have been taken care of and everything functions properly. At this point we turn the site on to the world.

In determining the time it takes to build your website and how much it will cost, we consider:

  • The size of the website.
  • Any special additions that require extensive coding and time.
  • The time required to get the content, pictures and video ready to be entered in the website.

Ready to begin the process? Call Imagineering Design today (806-239-6014) to set up an appointment and let's get acquainted.