Monday, April 06, 2020
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Web design and development for customers is what Imagineering Design, Inc. does for you, our customer. We understand that it’s not in your best interest to learn to code a website. By meeting with you and learning about your company’s business and website goals, we can design a website that produces the outcome you desire for your business.

One of the more important things that a company generally needs to consider is what exactly do you want the visitor to your website to do. It is also important to know what you are providing for your customer. It is easy to describe what you do, it is much more difficult to describe what the customer needs and how what you do, gives them what they need. As an example, let us imagine a person has a 8 foot high bookcase and and they want to add another shelf. They need a board that is a certain width and a specific length and unless the width and length of the board they need is exactly the same width and length that is sold at the lumber yard, they’re going to need something to cut a board.

What are they thinking about? Usually more space for books. They think of the outcome as a book shelf. The business owner may be thinking, “saws” while the customer still thinking about shelf space. Most business owners think about what they sell, while the customer always thinks about the results they want. Customers are only interested in satisfying their needs.

Therefore, as a business owner who wants more customers, it is best to think about your customers’ needs first and describe your products in the terms that will match their needs. As an example, I provide web services—I think of my business as code, graphics, design, customer support and email. My customers think about what the website will do for them.

It’s clear now that telephone directories, newspapers, and to a lesser degree direct mail, magazines, television and radio are no longer a primary source for new customers. For the past five years, businesses have been recognizing that their advertising dollar is not producing the required ROI (return on investment). The business owner begins a search to try to figure out where their customers have gone. They learn that their customers no longer have telephone directories, do not read newspapers, do not have home phones and skip commercials on both radio and television—BUT, their customers are using their smart phones and pads to get the information they are looking for. This requires a companies to change the way they think about marketing from spending $1,000 a month on a Yellow Page Ad to spending the same amount on Google AdWords.

If this describes your company and you would like to learn more about marketing on smart phones and pads, then contact Imagineering Design. We will help you find your customers and we will help your customers find you.