Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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A picture can tell a thousand stories

photoA well designed photo will contribute more to your site than even the best website design. In the same light, a poor photo can undermine the viewer’s experience, causing them to skim or even leave your website.

Creating an effective photo to be used on your website is much more than snapping a picture with a cell phone. Snap-shots and photos from cell phones lack the quality and the pixel density that is required for finished website photos.

A picture needs a place in your website, it needs to contribute to the specific web-page's story and to be well framed with good lighting. Your photos need to be scalable so they will render equally well on a desktop, laptop, tablet and cell phone. Photos need to coordinate with the color scheme of your website design and when it is possible they need to reflect the texture and feel of your website’s layout. Photos on a website are a tool to tell part of your story. They can be a window into your company, providing an opportunity for potential customers to see what you can do. Pictures need to be incorporated into the flow of a page, contributing and enhancing the visitors experience and knowledge.

There are several ways Imagineering Design can provide photos for you website.

  • Imagineering Design will come to your location and take pictures or videos for your website. Using high quality equipment, we are able to take pictures that will coordinate perfectly with the content on the website. Having pictures taken for your website also provides a very unique glimpse of your company and what you provide.

  • Pictures you may have. If the quality of your pictures is high enough, we are happy to use your photos. They are particularly useful in telling your history and showing the changes that have been made over the years.

  • There are sources for purchasing good stock photos that will compliment your content and add interest to the page. Stock photos are a excellent option for talking about concepts and ideas. The pictures are good quality and in most cases reasonable to purchase.

Often times, we will use all the sources for pictures. Showing your story provides familiarity and relationship even before you begin to know your new visitors.