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SEO is one tool that allows a Website to use concrete data to tune a website for success.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of fine-tuning a website's code and written material to help search engine visitors find the information they want on your website through unpaid Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

seo picWhere do you start?

If your website has great design; and interesting, useful content; and the site navigation is easy to follow; you have a platform for an effective digital marketing system.

Without the application of data driven SEO, your future customers will never find or visit your website, making it impossible for them to buy your products or services. 

Search results change frequently

Search results algorithms are constantly changing. They change as often as three times per week and can sometimes leave websites that were on top one day, lower than page ten on the next day.

The system for measuring SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is as simple as opening up a web browser to a Search Engine like Google and typing in your website URL and scanning until you find your website. These are called organic search results and will include local search results. Some people will use their social networks to search and help them make decisions, while still others choose pay-per-click results.

A website’s written text is the underpinning of Google and all other search engine's index and algorithm systems. Reviewing the terms that real people are currently using to find information about the topics found in your website, is one type of data analysis performed when using SEO. The results are used to improve the content in your website.

Until the last few years, high quality articles linked to by other websites controlled 90% of your site’s ranking. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIN have changed the SEO processes.

Content determines the outcome of any website SEO campaign. Constantly adding great content to a website is an SEO requirement. This process must be sustained because gone are the days of a single SEO campaign and you are done. Now without fresh, new, useful articles a website begins to fall off the top page quickly.

Blogs, web pages with interesting content, Social networking presence, all create a steady, ever increasing influence for your domain, called Domain Authority (DA). Beginning with Keyword Analysis for article writing, adding local search, and social networking postings, Imagineering Design is able to provide you with comprehensive SEO services.

When selecting your SEO partner, it is important to consider ...

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Who doesn’t want to be first on the first page of Google’s search results? Unfortunately page one ranking is never fast or easy. It takes hours of work and may take several months before a new website will make it to the first page of any search engine including Google.

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Imagineering Design's SEO staff will tailor their efforts to match your requirements. We develop your website’s SEO by using your outcomes and financial plan to get the best outcomes for your company.

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By remaining flexible we are able to adjust to the fluid nature of organic SEO results which are driven by every changing search engine algorithms. As a Google partner, we receive our education directly from Google, the author of the most complex search algorithm.